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Penguins are really quite pleasant painters at Woodland Park Zoo

You can add this fine piece of art to your collection. (Woodland Park Zoo/Ryan Hawk Photo)

You may have heard the tales of elephants blessed with the skills to pick up (via their trunk) a paintbrush and start coloring a canvas. But penguins too?

A pair of Humboldt penguins at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle will use their delicate, webbed feet to create a living room conversation piece for a few art connoisseurs.

Of course, while it’s less common to see the artwork of two penguins, Chai the 33-year-old elephant has been busy painting too. The zoo says she is known for ‘her kaleidoscope paintings that showcase delicate brush strokes and vibrant colors.’

The paintings will be auctioned off during the annual Holiday Silent Auction at Woodland Park Zoo, Friday, Nov. 16.

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