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Embrace it: People of Washington can brag about their good looks

Look to your left. Look to your right. It turns out those
around you might not be so bad to look at, because
Washington state has been ranked the 8th most beautiful

Before you jump down to the comments section to go on
about how we’re doing yet another story about how
Washington is the top or bottom of this or that list –
take a moment. An arbitrary dating website has decided
that you’re beautiful, and that others around you aren’t
bad looking either.

Well, they didn’t say you specifically. The data
came from exclusive dating website They don’t let just
anyone join, you have to be elected ‘pretty enough’ by
other members on website. The site claims “people actually
look like their photos.”

Now aside from that, the results of the state rankings,
which ranked Texas first and North Dakota last, were
determined by calculating the number of applicants
accepted in each state relative to how many people from
that state applied.

The Top 5 most beautiful states:
New York

The Top 5 least beautiful states:
South Dakota
North Dakota

That might mean Washington’s population of single online-
dates are more pretty than the average person – or we can
use this as an actual sample of pretty people in the
state. Meaning that the people on your left or right that
you looked at when you started reading this blog post
are pretty.

From those folks hanging out at a coffee shop in Belltown,
to those down in Olympia, chances they aren’t bad to look

So thank you Gov. Christine Gregoire; thanks barista down
the street; thanks Dori Monson; thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot;
thank you Miss Washington; because when we compare all of
you, and us, (and yes, it’s a little conceited to say it,)
we’re better looking than the folks in 42 other states.


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