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Sport Restaurant introduces “The Beastmode” cocktail

By Michael Simeona

‘Taste The Beast Mode’ with SPORT restaurant’s new cocktail: “The Beastmode” (Courtesy of SPORT restaurant)

Last week, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch displayed his trademark “Beast Mode” running style as he ran over, through and around the opposition – fueled by none other than his favorite candy, Skittles.

Now, you can truly ‘Taste the Beast Mode’ for yourself.

In recognition of Lynch’s ‘Beast Mode’ style, SPORT Restaurant & Bar in downtown Seattle has created a new cocktail called “The Beastmode”.

The drink is made with Hornito’s Tequila, Blue Curacao, Green Midori Liqueur, citrus juices, and tonic water – a blue & green concoction that will make the 12th Man bring out their inner ‘Beast Mode’. And in true Beast Mode fashion, the drink is served with a small shot glass of Skittles to keep the energy up.

So as you watch the Seahawks play this Monday night, bring out your inner Beast Mode by asking for The Beastmode on the rocks.

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