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Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

The Mountains to Sound Greenway, the scenic landscape that stretches from Seattle to central Washington, provides places for nature and wildlife, for outdoor recreation and education, for working forests and farms, as well as vibrant urban areas with strong economies.

Residents of this area are deeply connected to the landscape around them. This connection inspires collaborative action, hands-on stewardship of the land, and a shared sense of the Greenway as a common heritage to be celebrated and protected. The Greenway Trust celebrates this heritage and brings people together to restore habitat, connect trails, and build a sustainable future.

For 20 years, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust has brought together citizens, agencies and businesses to secure the richest possible future for this area: conserving natural resources, promoting opportunities for recreation and education, and encouraging sustainable growing communities. Today the Greenway Trust is asking the U.S. Congress to formally make this a National Heritage Area.

Designating the Greenway as a National Heritage Area will communicate the national significance of the Greenway, preserve a regional heritage of wilderness on the doorstep of cities, and ensure a strong connection between urban areas and nature, for generations to come.

To join and voice your support visit the Mountains to Sound Website.

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