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YMCA’s Alive and Free Program

Bonneville Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks are proud to announce The YMCA’s Alive and Free Program as the November Charity of the Month!

The YMCA’s alive and free program strives to support and empower young adults to prevent and recover from violence and pursue their true potential. Since 1999 the staff has served eight thousand Seattle area youth and has reduced risk factors for their participants. The program achieves this by responding to major incidents of violence involving youth, providing on-scene support and post incident follow up to prevent retaliation, and coordinating safety and staffing for major community events to help prevent violence.

The YMCA’s Alive and Free program recognizes and treats violence as a public health issue and is working to help youth and young adults replace high-risk behavior with positive life skills through community involvement.

For more information, please visit their website.

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