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A look at some of the stars who have been stalked

FILE - In this April 27, 2011 file photo, one of Paris Hilton's bodyguards, rear, escorts an unidentified assailant after the man grabbed Paris Hilton boyfriend Cy Waits while Waits and Hilton were walking into court in Los Angeles. Hilton and her then-boyfriend Waits were accosted by James Rainford while they walked in to a courthouse to testify against another man who had broken in to the hotel heiress' Hollywood Hills home. Hilton's security wrestled Rainford to the ground and he was promptly arrested him and he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery. Rainford, who was repeatedly arrested outside Hilton's residences and asked her to marry him, was ultimately charged with felony stalking and sentenced to probation and psychiatric counseling in April 2012. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, file)
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Armed guards, tall fences and the threat of prosecution aren't always enough to deter an overzealous fan or celebrity stalker.

For decades, stalkers have presented musicians, actors and even reality television personalities with a persistent, and potentially dangerous, downside to their fame. The unwanted attention ranges from unsolicited love letters and social media messages to kidnapping plots and home break-ins.

Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and many other stars have had to contend with stalkers who have threatened their safety and required the intervention of police and prosecutors.

Here's a photographic look at some of the stars who have been stalked, and how they and the legal system have dealt with those who have gotten too close for comfort.

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