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Tow arrives to take damaged Shell barge to Asia

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A ship that will transport a damaged Royal Dutch Shell Arctic drilling barge has arrived in the Alaska port of Dutch Harbor.

Shell spokesman Curtis Smith says in an email Monday the Kulluk (CULL'-uck) will be prepped for loading and transported aboard the XRK to a shipyard in Singapore for repairs. The loading could start as soon as Tuesday.

The Kulluk drilled in the Beaufort (BO'-fort) Sea last year and was being towed to Seattle when it broke loose from its towing vessel and ran aground on New Year's Eve.

The Coast Guard found 16 safety violations with Shell's other ship, the Noble Discoverer, when it came into port after drilling in the Chukchi (chuck-CHEE') Sea. That ship is en route to a shipyard in Korea for repairs.

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