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Arrests at Seattle fast-food workers' protest

SEATTLE (AP) - Seattle police say they arrested eight people who refused to leave a downtown intersection Thursday evening during a rally and demonstration by fast-food workers and their supporters.

Organizers say the marchers are protesting the workers' wages and treatment.

KOMO-TV reports that dozens of people demonstrated outside a Subway store, a Taco Bell and finally a McDonald's restaurant. Outside the McDonald's, the group spread out to block the intersection of Pine Street and Third Avenue. Most protesters cleared the intersection after about 15 minutes, except for a handful who sat in the middle of the street.

The Seattle Times says police read orders to disperse, then arrested those who refused to move.

The Times says the demonstrators are protesting what they say is the theft of wages _ for instance, having to work without breaks and overtime pay.


Information from The Seattle Times is included in this report.

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