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Seattle Mayor to re-examine city helipad policy

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray talks with interim Seattle Police Chief Harry Bailey at the scene of a helicopter crash Tuesday morning. (KIRO Radio/Tim Haeck)

SEATTLE (AP) -- The city of Seattle will re-examine its policy on helicopter landing pads in response to Tuesday's fatal crash near the Space Needle.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said at a news conference hours after the accident city regulations on helicopter landing pads changed in the 1980s. At that time, the city instituted more regulations and limited where helicopters could take off and land.

The mayor, who grew up in Seattle, said he could not remember a previous helicopter crash in Seattle.

The mayor's office says there are about 12 helipads in Seattle.

Spokesman Jeff Reading says current rules allow them to be used in some commercial zones, downtown and in industrial areas. They can only be used for public service, emergency medical care and for news agencies.

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