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Air Force to review restrictions on religious expression

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James says the military branch's restrictions on religious expression will be reviewed following the removal of a Bible verse from a cadet's message board at the Air Force Academy.

James told the Senate Armed Services Committee that top Air Force officials, chaplains and legal officers will meet this month to ensure that the policy barring service members from pressing their beliefs on subordinates complies with the federal law funding the nation's military.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, reminded James that the law says "the armed forces shall accommodate individual expressions of belief" unless doing so would harm "military readiness, unit cohesion and good order and discipline."

Lee said that appears to favor religious expression more than the current Air Force policy does.


321-a-19-(Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, at Senate hearing)-"Air Force policy"-Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, says the religious expression in the armed forces is protected under the current defense funding law. (10 Apr 2014)

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