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Police say robbers killed Everett drug dealer

Police in Everett have made an arrest in the death of a man who jumped from a second story apartment balcony last week.

Sergeant Robert Goetz says the man was involved in a drug deal earlier in the evening, and was trying to escape a severe beating from some of his drug customers when he fell or jumped to the ground.

"Once the victim had jumped off the balcony we believe one shot was fired and struck the individual, killing him there," said Goetz.

According to police, the victim, Alonzo "Ocho" Lopez-Gonzalez, was a heroin dealer known to keep a large amount of money.

The Daily Herald reports two men went to Lopez-Gonzalez's apartment last Friday and accused the dealer of selling "bad dope" and demanding their money back.

After the victim opened the safe he was dragged to the second-floor balcony where he was either pushed or jumped. He was shot in the back when he was on the ground.

Police made one arrest Wednesday, and are looking for a second attacker.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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