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Need a job? Domino’s looking to hire 500 people in Western Washington

Dominos's Pizza is looking to hire 500 people for its over 80 stores across Western Washington. (AP file)

Many people point to all the construction cranes around the area as a sign of our local economy’s strength, but pizza could be a pretty good indicator as well.

Domino’s Pizza is looking to hire 500 people for its over 80 stores across Western Washington, says Greg Keller, the owner of 28 franchises from Lacey to North Seattle.

“We have new locations coming open, we’re building a store in Northgate, so we’re growing and we’re always hiring new people,” says Keller.

While competition is fierce, Domino’s in particular has remained strong thanks to a constant evolution, Keller says.

The company has added a number of new products including pasta, wings and sandwiches, and added dining at a number of locations.

“We’ve been relocating our stores, we’ve been re-imaging them, making them a fresher and new destination type of location and I think we’ve just inspired people to come in,” Keller says.

Keller says the company did better than many others even during the recession, because pizza is a comfort food and Domino’s has done a good job of positioning its products as a great value. Although the economy hasn’t completely turned around in all parts of the region, it’s been able to continue building on it success.

The demand for new employees is so great, the company has designated Wednesday, Oct. 8 as regional hiring day. Eight restaurants around the region will interview and hire employees on the spot between 1-4 p.m., while resumes and applications will be accepted at all Western Washington locations. You can find out more at their website.

“We’re talking everything from customer service representative to management positions,” he says.

While many of the jobs are lower paying, Keller says there is a surprising amount of upward mobility and opportunity. He started as a driver in the 1980s and now owns over three dozen franchises with his wife.

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