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Spotlight Brazil: Jazz Fest Part II opens Thursday

FILE - This April 25, 2014 file photo shows the band Ginga Mundo Capoeira, of Bahia, Brazil, performing at the Caso do Brasil tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. The sights and sounds of Brazil are being featured as part of festival's tribute to countries that have contributed to New Orleans' culture.(AP Photo/Doug Parker, File)
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A colorful 165-foot snake built of vibrant fabric slithered through Thursday's crowd at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, leading dancers and musicians in a foot parade similar to a New Orleans second-line.

The snake's giant head -- its mouth agape and fangs exposed -- took two people to hold up as more than 30 people followed in procession under the long, tent-like dome of wire and fabric that formed the creature's body.

"It represents the enchanted snake of the Amazon," said Fernando Augusto Goncalves, a puppet master from Olinda, Brazil, and one of the seven artists who worked for about a month to make the snake. Goncalves spoke to The Associated Press through a translator.

Goncalves said the snake, in Brazilian culture, is a good omen: "It means good luck for all."

He said the snake's giant head was fashioned from a combination of fiberglass and Styrofoam and then covered in paint, glitter and glue in a technique similar to papier m

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