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Seahawks’ most colorful rookie is a homebody, despite appearances

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cassius Marsh (91) puts a hit on San Diego Chargers quarterback Kellen Clemens after Clemens got the ball off in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Friday, Aug. 15, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Cassius Marsh might be the most colorful person on the Seahawks’ roster, but it has nothing to do with his personality.

Marsh is expected to make some noise as a backup defensive end. He’s had a good preseason, but picking out specific defensive linemen in the fight at the line of scrimmage can be difficult. That won’t be a problem with Marsh.

Just look for the bright artwork on his arms, and you’ll have found him. Marsh’s arms are covered in brightly-colored tattoos.

It might be hard to find, but his first tattoo was inked four years ago.

“It was just my initials, C.M., on the back of my triceps,” he said. “It was a couple of days after I turned 18 and I was able to hide it from my parents for a while. But my mom walked in one morning and I happened to be laying on my stomach so she saw it. I didn’t care because I was 18, had a scholarship to UCLA. She wasn’t going to tell me anything.”

Marsh has been adding artwork to his body ever since, including a crab on his foreman. “I’m a Cancer and I fit into that very well,” he said. “I may seem like a hard-ass on the outside, but I’m soft on the inside.”

UCLA is spelled out on his arm. He also has his dog’s paw print. There’s even a polar bear standing in front of the flag of California.

“I got the lotus flower leading up to the NFL because lotus flowers grow out of muddy water. I came from the bottom and made it to my goal, which is the NFL,” he said.

Each piece of art on his body holds a special meaning and he has no plans to stop. He said he hates blank spaces.

“I think I still have a lot of work to do as far as finishing,” he said. “I’m definitely a fan and I love my tattoos. It’s something I take pride in.”

The bright colors don’t fit his quiet personality. Marsh said he’s just a homebody who simply enjoys spending time with his fiancee and his dog, Boss.

His idea of a good time is grocery shopping, certainly not what you’d expect at first glance.

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