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Drivers get creative in attempt to bypass crash, 520 bridge toll

A couple of drivers tried to cruise over a grassy hill in an effort to bypass a crash on a 520 ramp Thursday afternoon.

Rather than pay the toll and cross the bridge, the drivers tried to maneuver up a grassy hill to access Montlake Blvd.

“It’s hard to tell exactly what they were thinking, but at some point they realized they were going to have to go across the bridge,” said Mike Allende, spokesperson for the Washington State Department of Transportation. “The safest option would have been to go across the bridge and come back around.”

The eastbound 520 ramp to Montlake was blocked for a semi-truck that ran through a guardrail and got stuck. The scene was cleared around 3:15 p.m.

Allende said the Washington State Patrol busted the drivers before they were able to get too far.

He said there were plenty of WSDOT signs alerting drivers to the blocked ramp.

A few other cars stopped at the same spot, but it’s not entirely clear why, according to Allende.

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