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Dori’s not surprised: Study says Seattle drivers are some of the worst

Seattle drivers are some of the worst in the country, according to a new report from Allstate. (AP Photo/file)

A report out from Allstate insurance suggests Seattle drivers are some of the worst in the United States.

In their annual “Best Drivers Report,” Seattle ranked 173rd out of 200 cities.

The report said Seattle drivers get into an accident every 7.4 years on average. Compare that to the top of the list, Fort Collins, Colorado where drivers get into an accident every 14.2 years on average.

The likelihood of having an accident in Seattle is about 36 percent greater than the national average, according to the report. And looking at their numbers, Seattle drivers are only getting worse. Seattle dropped 13 places in the rankings from 2013 to 2014.

KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson says the only surprise about this year’s ranking is that Seattleites rated as high as they did.

“I’m surprised that out of 200 cities we’re ranked as the 27th worst. I’m surprised we’re not higher.”

Monson thinks Seattle drivers should rank among the worst because people here are passive aggressive on the roads.

He complains about the people who block the left lane because they think everyone should keep their speed under 60 miles per hour, and about those who can’t properly merge.

Monson says drivers should get up to speed on the onramp, and he encourages those already on the freeway to make room by changing lanes or by making a speed adjustment.

“The people who go ‘I’m not going to let you in’ when I’m going 55 or 60 on the onramp to get on the freeway, and they’ll speed up so I can’t merge, it’s something else,” says Monson. “I’m surprised we’re not even worse around here.”

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