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Rookie Paul Richardson learns about being hungry the Seahawks way

Burner: That’s what you call a wide receiver that can blow past even the best defensive backs in the league, and that’s what the Seahawks have in rookie Paul Richardson. But speed doesn’t make you a professional. That’s a lesson he’s learning from the Super Bowl champs.

The Seahawks’ top pick in this year’s draft didn’t know what to expect when he walked into the VMAC. The team had just won the Super Bowl. He wasn’t sure if there would be arrogance. He wasn’t sure if the new guys would be accepted.

What Richardson found blew his mind.

“I didn’t think these guys were going to be this humble and this talented. They show me each and every day how to practice like a professional and how to work like a professional,” he said.

Richardson, a receiver from the University of Colorado, found a bunch of guys in Seattle who were hungry for more and not satisfied with simply winning the Super Bowl.

It’s a team willing to help the new guys excel and learn to be professionals, “To come in and see where I fit in and where I can help – I think that was the biggest thing for me.”

Richardson considers himself a homebody. When he’s not pouring over the playbook, you can find him in front of his TV.

“I invite people over and have fun in my own space,” he said. “I watch movies. I watch Netflix all day.”

He also watches others play his video games because he admits he’s terrible at playing them himself.

“When they’re not there, I play, but when they’re there, I let other people play,” he said.

Richardson said he only plays against people he thinks he can beat and if he wins, there will be no rematch.

“There’s nothing else for me to prove,” he joked.

Richardson has had several catches during the preseason, but nothing super flashy – mainly short receptions for first downs.

But when the Seahawks learn how to use him, watch out. He is already burning the Legion of Boom deep at practice.

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