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ANIMAL CRUELTY in Edmonds? Neighbors shoot a video that has police investigating animal cruelty in Edmonds

Neighbors in Edmonds were complaining about the treatment a neighbor's dogs were receiving, but weren't able to get the response from authorities they were looking for. So they ended up shooting video in the hopes that the videos would provide the evidence needed to get the dogs better lives. After initial frustration, it now appears the efforts of concerned neighbors are paying off and the dogs have been gathered by animal control. As I watched these, I just couldn't understand what it is about people who decide to have more dogs than they can control and I cringed at the way the dogs were being dragged by their hind legs. It's hard to watch.

If you'd have showed me this video without telling me the "where," Edmonds would have been about the last Washington town I'd guess.

WARNING: Disturbing content



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