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Adam Carolla takes on Syria

Adam Carolla

I had the pleasure of speaking with self-made millionaire, independent film creator, winning race-car driver, prolific comedian, and best-selling author Adam Carolla. Knowing he hates radio interviews, I've avoided asking him on, but producer Nicole knows I've really wanted to speak with him, so she set it up. It was like sitting at the lunch table with the popular kids and hoping they'd like you.

What impresses me the most is that the guy is self-educated. He had a rough upbringing and became determined to BE better. By observing the habits of other people, he has become better. Would that we could all do that.

Anyway, the ACE man talked about California's confiscatory taxes, the need for "grit" and how he maintains his own, his new movie and record-breaking FundAnything campaign for his independent film Road Hard, and violence in Syria.

We'll play some of the Syria cuts on Thursday's show and air the full interview on Friday.


WARNING: If you don't know Adam and you're going to check him out, you should know that Adam's sense of humor is a hard "R" for language. If you want to avoid most of that, he tends to tread more lightly when he's with Dr. Drew (though language still hits the "R") and is PG when with O'Reilly or Dennis Prager. If you're looking to be offended, you will find plenty of reasons, but if you listen to him long enough, I think the true measure of the man becomes clear. Adam's team is coming for a show in Seattle (this is one with a LOT of swearing, so know what you'd be getting into). He'll be at the Neptune on October 12th.

Here's the first pitch for Road Hard (WARNING: LANGUAGE)...

Here's Adam's animated pilot (WARNING language not censored):

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