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The Selfishness of Josh Powell

News that Josh Powell took the lives of his two children as well as himself was like a blow to the gut. The kids had already lost their mom. Then to know that their last moments were spent surrounded by flames, terrorized by a dad who should have been the one person left in their lives most willing to sacrifice himself for their sake, makes the story even more painful. It's a total corruption of what love is. Regardless of what Powell did, if he loved the kids he'd have found a way to do what was best for them. Instead he treated them like his own personal possessions-- pawns with which to inflict more pain on those left behind. They became objects for him to destroy so as to prevent others from taking joy in them. It was the cruelest of power trips.

One person on my Facebook page wrote that, "At least Susan Powell can hold her babies again."

I hope it's true.

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