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Chunky Soup debuts new spot starring Seahawks’ Richard and Mama Sherman

The first Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial featuring Seahawks’ star Richard Sherman and his mom hit the web Monday, and it’s pretty cheesy (and bacon-y.)

The extended spot features Mama Sherman and what is billed as the Legion of Super Fans soaring over Seattle in a helicopter in search of Sherman.

They spot him training at CenturyLink Field and hoist him up with the help of “Sea-Monster” (the muscle-bound super fan best known as the Seahulk, who told us recently they made him change his name and color scheme to avoid a copyright clash with Marvel Comics.)

Sherman catches a fumble in mid-air and delivers a lengthy monologue on teamwork before the crew lands in the kitchen for a hearty bowl of Campbell’s new Chunky Beer-n-Cheese with Beef and Bacon.

It’s a little corny but sweet, as Sherman tells his mom he loves the soup and she gives him a kiss and says “Mama loves you.”

Suffice it to say, the entire cast likely won’t win any acting awards, but it’s fun to see some well-deserved 12s getting a little love. The spots will begin airing nationally soon along with an online campaign.

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