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Bellevue PD defends naming Marshawn Lynch in probe

The Bellevue Police Department has cleared Marshawn Lynch of any involvement in an assault and property damage investigation. (AP photo)

The Bellevue Police Department is defending a press release that said Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was under investigation for an assault and property damage.

Police announced Wednesday night Lynch was cleared of any involvement in the alleged incident and investigation.

But why was Lynch named in the first place?

Bellevue Police spokesman Seth Tyler tells the Dori Monson Show allegations against Lynch began surfacing on social media soon after a woman filed a report with police Sunday.

Tyler says there was “a lot of misinformation,” and media began making inquiries.

“We had reports that he had been arrested and other inaccurate information,” he says. “We felt that we needed to get the accurate information out there and that the best way to give everyone the same accurate, timely information was via a news release.”

But after a thorough investigation, detectives “definitively” ruled out Lynch’s involvement in the allegations and issued another news release Wednesday evening clearing his name.

Detectives continue investigating the case and whether the woman intentionally made false accusations against Lynch. If so, she could face charges, Tyler says.

Dori had been debunking the allegations against Lynch since they first surfaced Monday, saying he heard from sources close to the team there was no way Lynch was anywhere near the alleged incident. He argues if the woman did indeed wrongly accuse Lynch, then her name should be released as well.

“I think what this woman did to drag somebody through the mud, who was completely unconnected to the incident, I think that’s despicable.”

Dori acknowledges there’s a chance the woman was deceived by a man impersonating Lynch, but finds it highly doubtful. He’s asking listeners to send him the woman’s name, and after confirming it with authorities, he’ll determine whether to release it himself.

“This woman lodged a completely baseless allegation against Seahawk Marshawn Lynch,” he says. “I think this woman’s name should be released. Marshawn Lynch’s name has been dragged through the mud and what happens so often with stories like this is the allegation gets all kind of prominent attention and the dismissal or confirmation the person wasn’t involved gets a tiny little bit of coverage.”

Do you think Dori should the release the woman’s name?

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