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Seattle police: Woman clearly violated indecent exposure laws

Public nudity in Seattle is not a crime, but police say a woman’s behavior last week clearly illustrates a violation of the city’s indecent exposure laws.

Police say a 33-year-old “extremely intoxicated” woman wandered onto a lawn on Beacon Hill last Monday afternoon, Aug. 4, hiked up her dress, and engaged in intimate acts with several lawn chairs.

Dori Monson:
“There are some great marketing opportunities that could come out of this. The lawn furniture makers could squeeze this lemon and get some lemonade.”

People inside the home then saw her urinate on the lawn before she purposefully exposed herself in their direction, according to Seattle police.

Officers arrested the woman and she was booked into King County Jail for indecent exposure.

Had the woman read our story published that same morning explaining public nudity in Seattle, she may have better understood that nudity alone won’t get you into trouble, but “nudity plus” will.

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