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Was ‘Cops’ a good call to fill Seahawks-Broncos game delay?


Many Seahawks fans were surprised to see an episode of “Cops” onscreen after the Seahawks-Denver game was delayed due to a lightning storm in the vicinity of Sports Authority Field in Denver.

“I look up just in time to see one of the offensive coaches being arrested?” said a confused John Curley. “I was like, what the heck is going on here?”

Of course the action on the screen had nothing to do with the Seahawks, or any of its offensive coaches, but was rather a random episode of the TV show “Cops.” Curley wasn’t the only fan confused.

Seeing as there had been concerns about the weather all day, Curley wondered how this was how they decided to fill the time.

“They had watched this hail storm happening earlier in the day. Did they not know that there might be an opportunity for this thing to be delayed?” said Curley. “You would think you’d have something ready to go, football related.”

12th Man’s reaction online

Take a look at the tweets from the 12th Man as “Cops” came on over their Seahawks broadcast.

Check out: 12th Man reaction

Co-host Tom Tangney pointed out this type of time filling is the type of thing radio broadcasters are used to, with KIRO hosts having to talk for three hours each and every weekday. TV hosts may not be so experienced at it, but he points out they actually had a couple 710 ESPN Seattle hosts, in Dave Wyman and Brock Huard, working on the TV broadcast.

If he were the producer, Tom said he would have said we’re doing to do five minutes with the local guys in Seattle, and then we’re doing five minutes with the other guys in Denver.

Curley agreed all the guys on the broadcast are professionals and they would have been able to handle it.

“Brock Huard could talk the ears off a brass monkey about football and Curt Menefee’s a great guy, really, really outgoing great personality, they could have easily kept the ball in the air, it’s a missed opportunity,” said Curley. “You have an opportunity to continue to brand yourself. You have an opportunity to talk sports. You can give some information about the delay, anything.”

But not all the online reaction to the “Cops” airing was bad.

Curley says the choice of “Cops” is at least one that might jibe well with a football audience.

“It is a timeless show. It’s like ‘Bonanza.’ It goes down easy with your football crew.”

In the end, Tom agreed it’s possible, “It might not have been a bad call. It would be interesting to see where the ratings are.”

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