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False alarm: WSDOT didn’t actually shut down 520 bridge at worst possible time

The state transportation department made a mistake Thursday morning when it announced the 520 bridge would close to drivers and open for boat traffic between the Blue Angels’ two practices.

At 8:50 a.m. KIRO Radio’s Kimi Kline reported, “The 520 floating bridge is scheduled to open for a boat at noon right between the I-90 closures.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I was planning to take 520 because I knew it would be ridiculous to get across I-90, but they decided that would be a good time to open the bridge,” asked KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross, who is a Mercer Island resident. “I think we’re part of a psychological test.”

About 40 minutes after Kline’s report, the Washington State Department of Transportation announced via Twitter that the boat opening was canceled:

“OK, final update: The @520_bridge opening is canceled. The boater can get through the east navigation channel.”

WSDOT spokesperson Bart Treece explained, “It had been on the books for awhile. We just needed to coordinate our outreach a little bit better. We made a mistake on the tweet, got it corrected, and sorry to cause any false alarm for folks.”

Treece said all closures are posted on the WSDOT website, along with the east navigation channel schedule. The channel is open all weekend.

“While traffic is stopped from going across the I-90 bridge, the 520 bridge won’t open for a boat,” Treece said.

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