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Seattle players dominating game covers: First Sherman, now Dempsey; is Felix next?

Sounders star Clint Dempsey is the latest Seattle player to be recognized on the cover of a video game.

Dempsey will appear on the front of EA Sports’ “FIFA 15” along with Argentina’s Lionel Messi. The cover image was revealed at the Sounders game on Saturday.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is also gracing a game cover after winning the fan vote for the cover of “Madden NFL 15”. The entire Legion of Boom will also be featured on the game’s startup screen after fans petitioned for them to appear along with Sherman.

Which leads us to ask: Which Seattle player will be next?

Is it time for Seattle fans to get behind King Felix for the cover of “MLB 15 The Show”? Since we don’t currently have an NHL or NBA team, baseball seems like a good spot for fans to place their effort to continue this streak of Seattle sports-video-game-cover domination.

In 2013, “MLB The Show” let fans decide who would appear. They chose Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 2014, the cover vote was up to players, who named Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

It might be time now for Mariners fans to start a groundswell of support for their ace pitcher.

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