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Legion of Boom to be featured in Madden NFL 15

EA Sports announced Friday the Seahawks' Legion of Boom will be featured on the startup screen for Madden NFL 2015. (EA Sports image)

The 12’s have spoken, and EA Sports has listened, announcing it will feature the entire Legion of Boom in the upcoming Madden NFL 15.

While fans voted the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman onto the cover of the popular video game in a nationwide competition, Sherman and many other lobbied for the entire defensive backfield that helped lead the way to the Super Bowl title.

Seahawks fan Jason Coiner launched a national campaign to get EA to change the cover that included a petition that garnered over 9,000 signatures. And much like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, the voice of the 12s was overwhelming. On Friday, EA issued a letter to fans announcing the Legion of Boom would be showcased in the game’s startup screen.

“I’ve got goosebumps,” Coiner said soon after learning of the news Friday. “They saw the petition, they saw the outpouring they saw the 12s and they went ahead and decided to change it for us.”

While Coin and Sherman alike pushed for the Legion of Boom on the cover, EA says in the letter it didn’t have enough time to change it and all the marketing materials. Sherman will remain as the face of the game.

We wish we could have given the fans exactly what they asked for after the Cover Vote ended, but we wanted to make sure you understood why it was difficult.

Now the good news! We wanted to give the LOB their just due, and do it in a way that was special—a way where millions of fans would see it every single day, just like a cover. Historically, the start screen in Madden (and all our EA SPORTS games) has featured our cover art. This year, we’re going to feature the entire Legion of Boom on the welcome screen. One of the major areas of focus for Madden NFL 15 is defense, and what better way to introduce you to the game than with the guys who are changing the face of defense in the NFL.

12th Man – We love your passion for your team, its players, and of course, Madden! We’re committed to continuing this open dialogue about everything we do. Our fans have made Madden what it’s become, and your input will continue to shape where we take the franchise in the future.

Coin says he’s more than satisfied with the outcome.

“They could have not done anything at all. But the fact of the matter is that any household you go into, when they start the game, they’re going to see the Legion of Boom. I’m happy with that. I think it’s a huge win for us.”

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