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Washington pot grower sending hemp jeans to White House

It’s been a crazy couple of months for Bob Leeds, the owner of Seattle’s Sea of Green pot farm.

The aspiring marijuana magnate was finally catching his breath Tuesday after a sleepless night delivering the initial batch of bud to one of the state’s first legal marijuana retailers.

He’s feeling pretty grateful for the opportunity, and wants to thank President Barack Obama and his administration for leaving Washington alone to launch the legal pot industry. So as he thought of a way to show his appreciation, it dawned on him he could get something made from his precious pot plants.

“It’s our goal within the year to have a pair of jeans made out of hemp and present it to President Obama as a thank you for making it possible to sell pot in Washington,” Bob tells KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don Show.

“He can’t legally enjoy our other products in the other Washington, but we want him to at least be able to enjoy another fruit of the harvest in a pair of our hemp jeans. (The jeans are) kind of made possible by the great American entrepreneurial spirit,” Bob says.

It’s not the easiest of processes. Bob says the hemp has to be combined with cotton to make a fabric that can in turn be made into jeans. But he says it’s worth it. Given the President’s proclivity for dad pants, they’ve got to be an improvement.

Listen to Bob Leeds discuss day one of legal pot sales and his goal to create some presidential pot pants:

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