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Strange Mariners promotion, but sold out

Felix Hernandez is a big dog fan. This photo was taken during an event supporting the Seattle Humane Society. (Photo: Shannon Drayer)

For the first time ever, the Seattle Mariners have invited dogs to the ballpark.

Not only do they get to sit in the 306-310 sections during Tuesday night’s game, but your best friend on four legs gets to walk the bases postgame. The Mariners will outfit your canine in a free Mariners bandana and provide a free collapsible water dish.

If you’re a cat person, don’t fear. The dogs aren’t allowed in any other areas of the ballpark before or during the game and only those who’ve purchased special “Bark at the Park” tickets are allowed to bring their dogs.

There are other rules, like your dog must be housetrained, be at least six months old, have proof of a rabies vaccination, and be on a leash at all times.

Yes, the Mariners thought of that. There will be “comfort stations” throughout the stadium and parking lot. A veterinarian will also be on hand.

Think it’s a little over the top? Maybe, but the sections are sold out at 1,200 people and 300 dogs. Safeco Field isn’t the only stadium in the MLB to host such a dog party, several teams have dog nights this season.

A special donation will be made to Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation during a pregame presentation.

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