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Seattle’s most liberal zip code is more conservative than Huntsville, AL

Capitol Hill boasts the most liberal zip code in Seattle, but it's only the 338th most liberal zip code nationwide. ( Photo/File)

Seattle is often touted as a haven for liberals. It’s considered one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the U.S. and the first major city to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

In reality, the most liberal zip code in the city, 98122 on Capitol Hill, is only the 338th most liberal zip code nationwide.

According to The Seattle Times, with 40,000 zip codes in the United States, 338th is still among the most liberal. But it doesn’t feel like a liberal enough showing, say KIRO Radio’s Tom & Curley Show.

“What is surprising […] we are actually less liberal than the zip code in Huntsville, Alabama,” says Tom.

Alabama is one of the “reddest of the red states” according to John Curley, which left him wondering why you could find a pocket of liberalism there. Tom guessed there was a college campus in that zip code and he was right.

This zip code, 35896 in Huntsville, belongs to Oakwood University. On the school’s website the school describes itself: “The mission of Oakwood University, a historically black, Seventh-day Adventist institution, is to transform students through biblically-based education for service to God and humanity.”

“You look at Huntsville Alabama, you say, ‘Boy those people are so backwards,'” says John of the political stereotype. “But it’s good to see a small section of them is progressive and enlightened.”

You can use the zip code data to find out which cities and communities match up with your beliefs, too.

In order to determine which zip code you belong in, take the quiz where you respond to these statements at

I identify with the Democrats more so than the Republicans

Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women.

I attend religious services regularly.

Climate change is an immediate concern that must be addressed.

There should be more restrictions on purchasing and carrying guns.

The government should reduce the deficit primarily by raising taxes rather than cutting services.
I prefer urban areas.

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