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Reports: Casey Kasem at hospital in critical condition

Radio personality Casey Kasem is in critical condition and remains at a hospital in Gig Harbor, reports say.

According to CNN, Kasem is receiving antibiotics through IVs, blood pressure support medicine and care for his bed sores. His daughter also previously reported that he has dementia.

Deraney PR reported via Twitter Monday that Kasem had been in “stable condition.” But a patient can be listed as both critical and stable if his condition is poor but not deteriorating further, said CNN.

On Sunday, Kasem was admitted to the hospital when one of his daughters and an ambulance crew retrieved him from a home where he and his wife were staying with friends.

According to reports, when Kasem was taken to the hospital, his wife was yelling at Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, and the media, and actually threw some raw meat in the direction of her stepdaughter.

A Kitsap County judge granted Kerri Kasem regular visits after she raised concerns about her father’s well-being.

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