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Poll: Why don’t you bike to work?

Only 3.4 percent of the people in Seattle bike to work. Friday is bike to work day. Will you be biking into the office? If not, tell us why in our poll. (AP Photo/file)

This Friday is bike to work day.

U.S. census numbers released this month show Seattle ranks in the top four among the 50 biggest U.S. cities in terms of people who bike to work, but bike commuters still account for only 3.4 percent of people.

The Seattle Department of Transportation released its tips for newbie riders to inspire those who don’t often ride to give it a shot on bike to work day. The tips include planning ahead by packing an extra change of clothes, finding a place to shower either at your office or by getting a day pass at a gym nearby.

Of course there are also other things to consider like is your bike ready for a long ride, and what will the weather look like? But SDOT says with a little planning, it’ll be no problem.

“Biking to work can be a challenge, but with a little pre-planning and thought, many of the obstacles can be overcome fairly easily,” says SDOT.

Will you be giving biking to work a go Friday? If you still won’t, tell us why.

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