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Jetway collapses at Sea-Tac Airport

Sea-Tac Airport says a jetway to a Southwest Airlines flight has collapsed at Seattle-Tacoma International airport. (Sea-Tac Airport)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport says passengers were exiting a Southwest Airlines flight when a jet bridge to the terminal dropped several feet Tuesday.

Sea-Tac spokesperson Perry Cooper says the jet bridge dropped about six feet as the plane was unloading.

“Once that was seen that it was falling down, the flight attendant stopped all passengers from deplaning and they actually brought in stairs on the opposite side of the aircraft and deplaned the rest of the other passengers safely on the other side.”

Cooper says no one was injured and all passengers deplaned safely. “The flight attendants with Southwest did a great job of making sure everybody got off.”

There could potentially be some damage to the aircraft. Cooper says engineers are taking a look at the plane to see if it will require any repairs.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement it is thankful no one was hurt and the plane will remain out of service pending inspections.

KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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