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A theory: Why Washingtonians suffer from a lack of ‘Bieber Fever’

Washington boasts the fewest "Bieber Beliebers." (Image courtesy Estately)

Apparently, when it comes to being “Beliebers,” we in Washington, are not.

Using Facebook data, real estate blog Estately released its findings on which U.S. states and Canadian provinces/territories have the highest rates of Justin Bieber fans.

They learned Washington state had the fewest Justin supporters, with only 6.82 percent of Facebook users listing Justin Bieber as an interest.

And here’s my theory why: Justin Bieber accused us of being thieves. In case you don’t remember, after Bieber played a show at the Tacoma Dome, he took to Twitter to claim that his laptop had been stolen from his dressing room.

From the report in October 2012:

Despite speculation his claims of getting his laptop and a camera stolen at the Tacoma Dome were all a publicity stunt, Justin Bieber’s publicist Melissa Victor says the theft report is true.

“Be very clear, the laptop was indeed stolen in Tacoma. That was NOT a hoax,” Victor wrote in an email to the Associated Press.

Less than a day later, someone popped up on Twitter and said they had stolen Bieber’s computer and were going to release private videos he made.

But contrary to the publicist’s remarks it totally was a hoax and it turns out the tweets about a “private video being released” were just a promotion for his latest music video.

That was the day, October 14, 2012, Washingtonians started to turn on Justin Bieber.

If Beliebers want to find a more welcoming spot, they can visit West Virginia, which boasts the most fans of any U.S. state.

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