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Snohomish Jeff didn’t win the chance to sell Jimmy Fallon a Ford F-150

A sad update:

#SnohomishJeff is out of the running. In fact, they’ve got a winner, and it wasn’t Jeff Wing, it was Pete Porzio of Frankfurt, Illinois.

Here’s what happened: New “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon debated on-air for over week if he should get a truck and then about which type to get.

Then, once he decided on a Ford F-150 King Ranch, he decided to torture some Ford sales consultants and treat them like a plot device on a sitcom. They must compete for his business.

Enter the “Fingers on a 4×4” contest.

That’s why Ford consultant Jeff Wing, of Snohomish, spent nearly two days with his hand on an F-150.

The “Tonight Show” has set up the truck, Jeff and the other contestants and a live video feed on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

Of the ten contestants who entered the contest on Monday, two of them were out of the game on the first day – they couldn’t keep their hands on the car.

But it seemed like Jeff was in it to win it. Fans and viewers were encouraged to help Jeff by tweeting and using the hashtag, #SnohomishJeff. Apparently we couldn’t do enough to keep him in the game.

But at least Jeff found out what a popular guy he is – Jimmy Fallon said that on the show Tuesday, he was one of four contestants whose hashtag was one of the top trending in the United States.

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