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Death toll 39 in Oso mudslide; 36 victims identified

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office has raised the mudslide death toll to 39, but hasn’t identified another victim since last Friday. The total number of those positively identified is 36, and the three most recently discovered victims have not been identified.

Victims are listed in order of most recently identified first.

#36. Denver M. Harris, 14, Arlington
#35. Mark J. Gustafson, 55, Arlington
#34. Bonnie J. Gullikson, 91, Arlington
#33. Michael W. Pearson, 74, Darrington
#32. Larry J. Miller, 58, Everett
#31. Brooke Spillers, 2, from Arlington

#30. Billy L. Spillers, 30, from Arlington
#29. Mary M. Satterlee, 61, from Arlington
#28. Jerry L. Halstead, 75, from Arlington
#27. Gloria J. Halstead, 67, from Arlington
#26. Jovon E. Mangual, 13, from Arlington
#25. Katie F. Ruthven, 35, from Arlington
#24. Delaney M. Webb, 19, from Arlington
#23. Thomas P. Durnell, 65, hometown undisclosed
#22. Adam Farnes, 23, hometown undisclosed
#21. Lon E. Slauson, 60, from Arlington, WA
#20. Thom E. Satterlee, 65, from Arlington, WA
#19. Brandy L. Ward, 58, from Arlington, WA
#18. Gerald E. Logan, 63, from Arlington, WA
#17. Sanoah Huestis, 4 months, from Arlington, WA

#16. Judee S. Vandenburg, 64, from Arlington, WA

#15. Amanda B. Lennick, 31, from Arlington, WA
#14. Shelley L. Bellomo, 55, from Arlington, WA
#13. Hunter Ruthven, 6, from Arlington, WA
#12. Julie A. Farnes, 59, from Arlington, WA

#11. Alan M. Bejvl, 21, from Arlington, WA
#10. Leon J. Regelbrugge III, 49, from Arlington, WA
#9. Joseph R. Miller, 47, from Arlington, WA
#8. Summer R. Raffo, 36, from Arlington, WA
#7. Lewis F. Vandenburg, 71, from Arlington, WA
#6. Shane M. Ruthven, 41, from Arlington, WA
#5. William E. Welsh, 66, from Arlington, WA
#4. Kaylee B. Spillers, 5, from Arlington, WA
#3. Linda L. McPherson, 69, from Arlington, WA
#2. Stephen A. Neal, 55, from Darrington, WA
#1. Christina A. Jefferds, 45, from Arlington, WA

“We are working closely with the families and extend our most heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends during this difficult time,” said the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Families were notified in person before the list was made public. A chaplain and sheriff’s deputy are providing resources for families in their time of need.

The medical examiners office says it will update the list twice a day: 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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