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911 calls from Oso mudslide released


911 calls from the deadly Oso mudslide reveal the growing realization of the scope of the devastation that wiped out an entire community and left at least 14 dead.

“My wife just called me,” said one caller. “She said there’s a mudslide, hundreds of trees fell, there’s a car buried.”

Soon after, the firsthand reports came pouring in, each one increasingly urgent as people realized the magnitude of the slide.

“Holy crap,” said a woman as she called to report the slide. “There’s at least 2-3 miles of 530 that are blocked … we probably have 15 cars now that are just now…” she trailed off.

“Oh yeah, man I got a big emergency. There is a house on 530 and a big slide and it is covering the road,” said another caller.

Another woman describes seeing cars buried, houses wiped away and power lines snapped by the wall of mud.

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