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Seahawks announce season ticket price hike

The Seahawks will raise the price of season tickets by an average of 12 percent for the 2014 season. (AP file)

Success comes with a price, as the Seahawks announced Friday season ticket prices would increase by an average of 12 percent for the 2014 season.

“Seventy-percent of season ticket holders will see an increase between $3 – $11 per ticket,” said Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin in a statement.

The average price will increase $12, from $99 to $111 in 2014.

The team also said it would introduce variable ticket pricing for the first time, with prices announced once the NFL schedule is released.

“Through variable pricing, ticket prices will better reflect the value and demand for each game,” said McLoughlin.

The limited number of individual game tickets made available will continue to be sold at a higher price, offering season ticket holders the greatest value for their Seahawks game tickets, the team said.

The price increase is hardly a surprise and isn’t likely to dampen any demand. The team has sold out 95 consecutive games including playoffs since 2003.

12,000 fans have paid just to be on the Blue Pride Waitlist and another 30,000 non-paid members are on the Blue Pride Notification List.

Season ticket holders will begin to receive renewal information in the next few days.

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