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Public hot tubs on Seattle waterfront might solve two problems

Hot tubs are referenced in the new plans for the Seattle waterfront. KIRO Radio's Dori Monson says public hot tubs might solve two problems. (AP Photo/file)

Taken from The Dori Monson Show.

The Seattle Times apparently is doing the bidding of WSDOT because they’ve got a big front-page story about the architect’s big plans for the post-viaduct era on the waterfront.

It’s almost like a PR campaign: We know Bertha is bad but look at how gorgeous the waterfront is going to be after the viaduct comes down.

Did you see some of the things they have in these artists renderings?

A swimming pool barge, complete with hot tubs and changing rooms would be tied up at Piers 62 and 63.

One thing I will say is, finally we’re addressing the bathroom shortage for the homeless people. If we get those hot tubs built on the waterfront we can solve two problems at once.

Number one, not enough hot tubs for all of us on the waterfront. Number two, not enough bathrooms for the homeless.

Can you imagine climbing in a public hot tub on the Seattle waterfront?

I can’t believe the public hot tubs that I used in my younger days.

There was this one place called Tubs that is now a graffiti-covered building in the University District.

They had all these rooms and each room had a hot tub and then it had a mattress. You’d get it for an hour.

I just went one time with my wife, who was at the time, my girlfriend, when we went to the University of Washington together.

And what was so funny about Tubs is they had this intercom system to the front desk. No matter where you were – usually napping in the tub or napping on the bed, because you were there to relax – you’d hear this crackling voice ’15 minutes left in your session.’ They’d give you 5 minute countdowns. It wasn’t what anybody wanted or needed.

I can’t believe that I ever sat in one of those hot tubs.
The world was a magical bacteria-infested place back then. I was just too dumb to think about the bacteria part.

Good luck to all of them with that waterfront vision.

Taken from The Dori Monson Show.

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