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Earthquake near Poulsbo second in less than three months

An earthquake on the Kitsap Peninsula Thursday morning registered on scientific instruments, but you probably didn’t feel it.

The 3.0 quake moved the needles at the University of Washington seismology lab at about 7:50 a.m., according to Bill Steele. The earthquake was about 14 miles deep and lasted just a couple of seconds.

“Some of the energy attenuates, or gets reflected, before it reaches the surface so the ground motion for an earthquake this deep, I’m not surprised that it may have gone unfelt,” said Steele.

Earthquakes of 3.0 or greater are recorded just a few times each year around the Northwest and are not likely to do any damage. The last similar earthquake was last December, also near Poulsbo.

“Compared to a magnitude five, where you might begin to see some damage to very poorly built structures, this is about 1,200 times less energetic,” Steele explained.

The emergency dispatch center on the Kitsap Peninsula got no calls about the earthquake.

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