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Bellevue police ‘amazed’ passenger not seriously injured in possible double DUI

One of the vehicles involved in the crash is shown at the scene while police investigated what is possibly a double DUI. (Bellevue Police photo via Twitter)

Investigators are dumbfounded by a crash in Bellevue that occurred early Thursday morning.

Police can’t understand how the passenger in a car involved in a potential drunk driving crash wasn’t killed.

Officer Marcia Harnden with Bellevue Police said the passenger was in a car that turned in front of a speeding SUV and was T-boned. It happened at the intersection of 148th St at NE 31st near the Microsoft campus where Bellevue borders Redmond.

“All the force was taken by that pillar between the front door and the back door,” she said. “We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’re fairly amazed he’s not more seriously injured.”

Officer Harnden said it looks like both drivers were impaired. “Both drivers showed signs of impairment,” she said. “They were arrested for vehicular assault as we try to figure out who really is at fault for this.”

She said the driver ultimately responsible for causing the crash will likely face the vehicular assault charge. The other driver would likely be charged with DUI.

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