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Beecher’s challenges Dori Monson to macaroni and cheese cook-off

A passing comment made about his favorite kind of macaroni and cheese has landed Dori Monson in a face-off with one of the nation's most notable mac and cheese purveyors. (AP)

A passing comment made about his favorite kind of macaroni and cheese has landed Dori Monson in a face-off with one of the “World’s Best” mac and cheese makers.

On Thursday’s show, Dori mentioned that, to his mind, Kraft mac and cheese is the best out there, even better than Northwest favorite and Oprah-endorsed Beecher’s mac and cheese.

“Beecher’s is really good,” said Dori on the show. “It’s not as good as Kraft. You just can’t beat Kraft Mac & Cheese.”

Dori’s remark caught the ear of someone who definitely disagrees, Kurt Beecher Dammeier with Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.

“Dori, I heard you were dissing my Beecher’s Mac & Cheese on air. I think you need some culinary schooling!” said Kurt in Facebook message. “Let’s have a throw down for the KIRO Radio staff – You can make your Kraft “Mac & Cheese” and I’ll make Beecher’s. Winner talks, loser walks.”

Dori welcomed Kurt onto the show and said he in no way meant to diss Beecher’s mac and cheese.

“I’ve had the Beecher’s mac and cheese and it’s fantastic, Kurt,” said Dori. “I’m just saying for 99 cents, I can grab a box, pour in the powder, throw in a couple handfuls of shredded cheese, a little diced up pepperoni and mine is going to be better.”

Kurt said they need to get some tasters to the table to compare Beecher’s to Dori’s pepperoni-enhanced Kraft mac and cheese.

“I’d love to throw down with some people other than you because apparently your palette is a little flawed,” said Kurt.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Dori said he’s in. “If somebody challenges me I’ve got to accept.”

This Thursday, we’ll see just whose mac and cheese is the most delicious according to the mouths of some impartial tasters. If Kurt’s mac and cheese wins, he wants a public statement from Dori that Beecher’s mac and cheese is better. If Dori wins, Kurt agreed to give Dori 100 pounds of Beecher’s mac and cheese.

Tune in Thursday for the results.

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