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Mukilteo couple secures Seahawks Super Bowl customized license plate

A Mukilteo couple came up with a pretty fun arrangement of numbers and letters for their Seahawks license plate. (Image courtesy Keller family)

A Mukilteo couple better not be planning any road trips to Colorado. While their new Washington license plates will make the 12th Man cheer, it might get a different reaction from Denver fans.

Jeff and Michelle Keller were able to secure a customized Seahawks license plate with the final score of the Seahawks first-ever Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos “43 TO 8.”

Jeff Keller tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson they had their eyes on the new Seahawks plates available through the Washington Department of Licensing since their release.

“I thought they were fantastic looking and of course, with all the juice going on with the Seahawks, I had to do it,” says Keller.

It was just a matter of coming up with what they wanted the plates to say. Player numbers are an obvious choice, but Jeff says they got inspired while watching the Super Bowl.

“We had a bunch of family over and as the score got crazier and crazier and crazier we got more and more excited about getting a plate.”

They went online at halftime to see just what they’d have to do to get the plates. They planned to dive on as soon as the game concluded to be the first to request the final score. At the end of the game, they rushed to the site.

“We went to the website and guess what, you could get sequential plates online but not the custom ones,” says Jeff. “So what I had to do was be the first guy in line at the licensing bureau in the morning, which wasn’t that easy you know, because the Super Bowl went late and so did all the fun afterwards.”

First thing in the morning, Jeff drove to the North Seattle licensing location so he could be the first in line. He was, and when the office opened he eagerly went in to request his custom plate, only he got some bad news.

“They told me, ‘This is a fantastic plate, but we don’t do that here. You’ve got to go to one of the counties.'”

Jeff immediately rushed to a Snohomish County office but unfortunately got a similar answer. “They go ‘That’s awesome, but we don’t do that here. You’ve got to go to King County.'”

Driving down to King County, Jeff says he was feeling sad because he’d set out to be the first person in line and was, he was just at the wrong place. When he got to the King County office, it was packed.

“I get down there and I get up to the front of the line, says Jeff, “and it’s available.” Jeff admits he was pretty determined to get those plates. “I was going to get it.”

And he now has his “43 TO 8” license plates to proudly display on his car. But what will he do if the Seahawks win another Super Bowl?

“I’m going to have to buy a trailer or something to haul behind my truck,” says Jeff.

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