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Boeing offers bonuses to tardy South Carolina workers

It’s no secret that Boeing’s South Carolina plant is having trouble keeping up with production.

But it is so far behind now, the company is dangling bonuses in front of workers if they can catch up on all their late and incomplete work.

Workers in South Carolina are about 8,000 jobs behind schedule. That’s about ten days worth of work, and they continue to send 787 fuselage pieces to Everett with missing pieces and unfinished work.

It’s really hampering final assembly, though Boeing says it will still meet its production goals.

The Seattle Times reports Boeing hopes to fix the problem with incentives. A flat $2,500 for engineers and managers and an 8 percent bonus for mechanics, if they can get to only 3,500 jobs behind schedule by April 30.

The bonus would drop by 40 percent if it takes until the end of June.

Boeing has also hired more than a thousand new workers to try and fix the problem. Last year, the company cut back on its workforce at the plant.

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