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Richard Sherman surprises little Seahawks supporters on Queen Latifah Show

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman caused quite a stir this season spawning a number of critics and many strong backers. A couple of his strongest supporters got a chance to meet the cornerback on Tuesday when he surprised them on “The Queen Latifah Show”.

Following Sherman’s controversial postgame rant after the NFC Championship Game, 6-year-old Nikolas wrote an essay explaining why Sherman was not a bad guy, comparing the Seahawks player to the film character Wreck It Ralph.

Latifah asked Nikolas in his show appearance what he would say to Sherman if he ever had the chance to meet him.

“I would say that you’re my favorite Seahawk player. You’re really awesome. I love you,” said Nikolas.

As Latifah pretended to dial up the Seahawks player on the phone, Sherman came out to surprise Nikolas and another 10-year-old Seahawks fan.

Nikolas gave Sherman a hug as the player thanked him for the essay. “It really meant a lot to me,” Sherman said.

Sherman thanked his two young fans for their support with autographed Super Bowl champion hats and footballs.

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