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Watch: Seahawks Richard Sherman, Malcolm Smith on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s tough when you’re booked along with one of the biggest mouths in sports. Just ask Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. Both he and outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday.

They talked about what happened after the big Super Bowl win and who turned out to party the hardest.

“A lot of celebrating, some inebriation some would call it,” said Sherman, talking about the after party.

“Does your coach Pete Carroll participate in this or is it just the players?” Kimmel asked.

“He’s the number one guy,” said Smith, “white-haired party animal.”

Sherman also revealed his secret to figuring out Peyton Manning’s signal calling.

“You got guys calling you from other teams and telling you information they know. It’s a lot of different things that go into scouting,” said Sherman, who wouldn’t reveal even one name of his sources. “That’s how you lose your sources.”

Kimmel also asked about how things have been between Sherman and San Francisco wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who was the subject of Sherman’s famous NFC Championshpip post-game rant.

“Have you spoken to Crabtree since that?” Kimmel asked.

“No,” Sherman answered quickly.

“If I paid for it, would you guys get a couple’s massage together?” Kimmel asked.

“I’d think about it, the back is kind of tight,” Sherman said.

Of course Smith was there too. Sherman sat quiet long enough to allow him to tell one story about his only Super Bowl shortcoming, a failed touchdown celebration dunk attempt.

“Long drive, didn’t have an opportunity to get the juice back. I think the Super Bowl goal post was a little big higher,” Smith joked.

Watch Part II of their interview here.

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