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Prosecutors still weighing charges, release 13-year-old in accidental Puyallup shooting death

A 13-year-old Puyallup boy accused of accidentally shooting and killing his friend has been released from custody as Pierce County prosecutors continue looking at whether to charge him with a crime.

“It’s more important to make the right decision than quick decision,” said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. He announced Tuesday his office was reviewing evidence and the boy was released to his parents and is not considered a danger to the community.

The alleged shooter has been held since Thursday’s shooting death of Eddie Holmes, 13, in a Puyallup home. Police say Holmes and four other boys were hanging out when the boy who lives in the home brought out the gun to show friends. Another boy grabbed it and the gun went off, shooting Holmes in the chest. He later died at Tacoma General Hospital.

Holmes’ family spoke publicly for the first time Tuesday about the shooting. His mother Sandy said she doesn’t blame the boys, but wants the parents held accountable for allowing access to the gun.

“Kids are kids, no matter what we try to teach them and tell them they are kids. And it is up to parents to secure not only our children but the children that come into our home,” she said.

Holmes tearfully said she hoped her speaking out would motivate even one person to secure their guns. “My son Eddie Zee Holmes would not have been taken in vain,” she said.

The family would not say what they think should happen to the boy who shot Eddie, saying it should be left up to the law. But Sandy Holmes said the alleged shooter would have to live with the tragedy for the rest of his life, as would the other boys.

“Those were Eddie’s friends,” she sobbed softly.

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