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Broncos broadcaster eats humble pie served by Tom and Curley

Last week, Tom and Curley met a cocky Denver radio host who was convinced there was no way the Seahawks could score enough points to knock off the Broncos and Denver was the superior team.

“They move the ball okay but they haven’t been able to produce points like they did early in the year,” Darren McKee from 104.3 The Fan in Denver said Friday on Behind Enemy Lines.

McKee disputed Tom’s contention the Seahawks offense wouldn’t need to put a bunch of points on the board because the Seattle defense is so dominant.

“A team that scores 38 points a game?!” asked an incredulous McKee. “A team that is the number one team in red zone scoring touchdowns. A team that has the most touchdowns period. A team that has five guys in double digits for touchdowns is only going to score two touchdowns and two field goals?”

He ultimately predicted a 34-19 Broncos beatdown of the Seahawks. “We’re already planning the parade in Denver,” he said.

Needless to say, McKee is eating a lot of crow Monday and Seattle is planning the parade.

The cocky commenter was a lot more humble, but showed some modicum of class when he re-joined Tom and Curley Monday morning.

“At least I don’t have to walk into a Starbucks in Seattle to get harassed by the people of that fine city,” he laughed.

But he admitted he was “obviously, completely wrong.”

“It was an incredible performance by your Seahawks and they were just flat out the better team,” he said.

McKee blamed Peyton Manning for the opening snap safety that gave the Seahawks a 2-0 lead on the first play of the game, and said he was stunned by what followed given the way the Broncos play all season long.

“I had never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen Peyton Manning play as bad as he did.”

McKee had predicted the Broncos would score at least 27 points. He was just slightly off.

Tom and Curley reveled in rubbing the Seahawks domination in his face.

“McKee, you mocked us unmercifully!” Curley laughed.

“We knew the Broncos offense was arguably the best offense of all time, but weren’t clear how good Seattle’s defense was,” he said.

After overlooking the Seahawks last week, McKee said he now considers their defense among the best ever.

“It’s like they were shell shocked because of the size and speed and ferocity of the Seattle defense was like nothing they had faced. It’s a very impressive group.”

And he said after watching Seattle dismantle the Broncos, he thinks the Seahawks would beat Denver 7 out of 10 times.

“I think they’re just flat out a better team.”

It’s tough to spit that out with a mouthful of humble pie, but you have to give the guy credit for being willing to come back on the show and admit just how wrong he was. And for those who wished him ill will after his Broncos prediction last weekend, he’s getting an extra dose of payback. His flight out of snowy New Jersey was delayed, and he’s stuck in St. Louis for the day to lick his wounds.

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