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Sir Mix-a-lot convinced he’s cursed, can’t watch Seahawks Super Bowl

Seahawks fan Sir Mix-A-Lot is convinced he's a curse, and won't be watching the Super Bowl until after it's over. (AP image)

Seattle rap legend Sir Mix-A-Lot is a huge Seahawks fan. But he won’t be watching the Super Bowl Sunday. He’s convinced he’s cursed.

The jinx actually extends to all Seattle sports, the guy who put Seattle and big butts on the hip-hop landscape told KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross.

Mix says the bad mojo all started when he recorded songs for the Sonics when they were at their peak in the 90’s.

“I did two songs and they got bumped from the first round both years so I said I’m getting out,” he laughs.

But this year was the worst. He was touring during the early part of the Seahawks season and couldn’t watch any games live, until he finally caught Seattle taking on Indianapolis. The Seahawks lost their first game of the year.

Then came the Tampa Bay game. As he watched, the Seahawks fell behind 21-0 at home to what was then one of the worst teams in the NFL.

“I said to hell with it I left and went to a movie.” The Seahawks would storm back to take a 27-24 win in overtime, while Mix was in the movie theater. “My brother called me after the movie and said ‘where are you at?’ And I said ‘I’m coming out of the movie.’ He said never watch a Seahawk game again.”

Unfortunately, he did. Mix tried his luck again when the Seahawks hosted Arizona. Seattle lost.

Since then, he’s made sure he hasn’t watched a single minute of the Seahawks playing live, recording the game on DVR and watching later instead. He even refused to watch the Seahawks thrilling NFC championship win over the 49ers.

“I heard people yelling in my living room but I couldn’t watch,” he laughs. Instead, he stayed in the other room and got updates during the commercial breaks.

As for the Super Bowl? He’ll be watching anything but the game, in hopes the curse of Sir Mix-A-Lot doesn’t get in the way of the Seahawks first Super Bowl title.

Sir Mix-a-Lot is included in a new Spotify playlist put together by Seattle mayor Ed Murray to commemorate Seattle’s Super Bowl appearance. Mix hadn’t heard until Dave told him.

“Well our new mayor is pure gangsta then, I love him already.”

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