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Awesome Seahawks display dominates Bellevue building

There are plenty of great 12th Man displays around town this week, but a new one stretching nine stories in the windows of Bellevue’s Expedia headquarters takes the cake.

The image depicts Richard Sherman’s tip that clinched the NFC Championship in all its glory.

“We just knew we had to capture that epic moment,” says John Grimm, Creative and Production Manager for Expedia. “A small idea just started getting bigger and bigger and the next thing you know it turned into this nine-story version of Richard Sherman.”

At first they thought about creating the entire display in Post-It Notes before realizing that would take weeks. Instead, they opted for colored construction paper, mapping out their design on a computer with each sheet an individual pixel.

“I think it’s somewhere around 1200 pages of paper, the design took probably a couple of days to put together, around 45 team members that volunteered to actually help put it up.”

Much like the Seahawks, Grimm says it was a true team effort.

“I think everybody here would love to actually be in New York supporting the Hawks right now but we can’t, so this is what we do in return.”

The team created the display in several hours Wednesday evening, then had to wait until daylight to actually see what they’d done. The reaction has been overwhelming.

“It was just fantastic seeing not only the company’s reaction but everybody around, too. We were noticing people congregating on the sidewalks and gawking and taking photos.”

The best reaction came from across the street, where an office had put a large “12” spanning several windows earlier in the week.

“They wrote ‘good game you win’ in their windows,” Grimm laughs.

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